Friday, September 19, 2014

Burgers in Thessaloniki

Not much to write about, just that it's one of my favorite foods.

Unfortunately in Thessaloniki I still havent found a proper burger. Ok I found a few (but not all of these down below). Not even once we were given a medium, medium rare beef patty, so nothing really came close to the top, like Patty & Bun or Bar Boulud.

For me the ideal burger is in a brioche with a medium to medium rare patty and little other things inside.

Το Μανιτάρι, BBQ burger with mushrooms. It needed something extra as it was dry. 

Sly Fox, Nicely cooked meaty patty and brioche. Bad fries and onion rings

Be, Excelsior Hotel. Bacon cheeseburger. Very good and nice fries. 

B restaurant. Burger with roquefort. Excellent hand cut fries.

El correo cucina argentina. Nice roasted potatos. 

Pax Homemade burgers. Very good burger with blue cheese. Nice fries with 1 euro extra.

Blacklime. Nice burger, but bad fries, so there it is, a salad. 

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